Travel Prep: Gearing up for Thailand

Our little family is headed to Thailand for 3 months.

We’ve had a lot of fun preparing for our journey/walkabout/adventure/vacation/whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

Everybody wants to know why we are going.  Sorry, but we don’t know the ‘why’ just yet. We just know that it will be a good experience! If you think we are crazy, we take that as a compliment. To honor you, we decided to get crazy haircuts:

Sloane chopped off all her hair:


Ty got a mohawk. He wants to call his new look ‘Breaking Bad’:

Ty's Mohawk

This is what we are bringing:

Travel Packs

We’ve come up with three family rules for our trip. Trying to break some poor habits. 

1) No rush (Ty has a patience problem)

2) No TV 

3) Get off the electronics! (Exceptions: Ty’s work, Communication, ‘Journaling’ on our blog)

Why we are keeping a blog:

1) Friends & Family have requested

2) It forces us to Journal

3) Provide useful info for little families seeking adventure in SE Asia

4) Convince you to come visit us

Wish us luck. 26 hrs. of travel time with Fay is extremely frightening. Peace out. 

4 thoughts on “Travel Prep: Gearing up for Thailand

  1. Yes!!! The Roney SE Asia adventure begins! I can’t wait to hear about everything! Good luck on the flight! Loving the hair cuts!!! You guys are ready!

    *we will be back to the bodpod in January…. if you decide to come back 🙂

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