Digital Nomads: From Krabi to Bangkok

It’s been a week of transition. We’ve gone from the beaches of Ko Phi Phi to the small town of Krabi.  (Fay and Sloane are healthy again thank goodness). Then from Krabi to Bangkok, and onward to Chiang Mai.


The night market in Krabi.  We ate all sorts of new things. Delicious, cheap food. 10 baht chicken skewers are hard to beat.

IMG_0485We wandered around Krabi for about 20 minutes before we found this little gem of a hotel. It was cheap, clean, and Fay found a new best friend. Every time we passed through Krabi we stayed here so she could play with Nishah.

IMG_0445Getting ready to hike to a wat on top of a mountain. Imagine Christian Bale in ‘Batman Begins’ heading up to the league of shadows temple thinger. But in blazing heat and humidity, and no ninja training up top.


Unnaturally tall steps. They said it would be fun, they said.

IMG_04621,273 steps and 2,000 vertical feet later, Fay declares victory. It wasn’t easy, but she persevered.


Still gloating at her accomplishments.


Are we allowed to ring the bells? Fay says yes.

Change: Our transformation has begun. Our clothes smell like Asia, and Ty has discovered he now sweats curry. Not sure if it’s Panang or Green…but definitely curry. We’ve adjusted to the smells, the busy streets, and we don’t get stressed out when Thai women take Fay away while we eat dinner. Ty is even working on his Asian beard (beard is a loose term here, you all know Ty can’t grow facial hair). Ty insists that his Asian beard is leaps and bounds better than his Jerusalem mustache.  We’d show you a picture, but Ty is begging for more time in hopes that you will actually be able to see the beard in the photo.

DCBKK Conference: Ty dragged Sloane and Fay back to the bustling city of Bangkok for three days so he could attend a business conference. He really enjoyed listening to, and being surrounded by, other crazy digital nomads.  All of the attendees were internet entrepreneurs, and most are living somewhere in Southeast Asia.  Fun to know that there are thousands of other people building their businesses while traveling the world.

Fay Update: Fay is walking like a champ. We are so excited…sort of. Now she can climb up and walk off beds, stumble off curbs, run away while we’re eating, and clip her face on sharp corners of chairs. But, we count the walking as the positive progress that it is.

Moving on to Fay’s teeth. For about 5 months now, people have been asking us if Fay is teething. We suppose this is the polite thing to ask when someone sees an irritable, crying child.  Too bad she didn’t cut her first tooth until last month. Last week we discovered she is working on five new ones at the same time. Now, there is no question on anyone’s mind. Fay is teething. These are dark times.

How to Travel with an Infant: Part 1

We have loved spending time with Fay in Thailand.  She loves it here, and the people love her too. Bringing a baby is a great way to strike up conversation and get to know all the wonderful people here, tourists and locals alike.  Experiencing the world as a family is an incredibly enriching experience. We highly recommend it.


Life is a lot more fun when you stop worrying about dirt, sand, water, poop, pee, and the list goes on….


Breastfeeding. Get used to nursing in public.  With so much out and about time, it has been pretty much mandatory for Fay. Although Thai women don’t breastfeed in public, we haven’t experienced any negativity when Sloane nurses Fay.  This is probably the most interesting place Fay nursed.  If you want to learn more, you can wikipedia Phra Nang Cave. WARNING: Image not suitable for youngsters…or the immature.


We love it when other people hold Fay. Particularly during meal times.

Travel Tips for Infants:

We won’t pretend it’s a walk in the park every day.  At the time of writing, we are on a ferry and Fay is fighting her naptime.  It also looks like she is trying to grow some buck teeth. This is bad news for the other 50 people on our boat.

Here are some tips to making life a little easier:

1)   Beco Carrier. If we could only bring one thing for Fay, this is it. We use this daily to tote Fay around. It works like a charm. Light, relatively compact, and pretty comfortable to wear.  Using a carrier is the only way to go in our opinion.   Don’t even think about a stroller.

2)   Buy a Peapod. Imagine a miniature tent just big enough for your baby to sit up in. It is small, lightweight, and very compact.  Once we zip Fay inside, we don’t have to worry about bugs, mosquitoes, or choking hazards. This is where she sleeps every night. Tip: don’t set it near any ledges; Fay has been trying to barrel roll the whole tent when grumpy.

3)   Request the bulkhead seats on the airplane.  Did you know you can attach a bassinet to the bulkhead?  Probably more ideal for babies under 10 months, but either way you have more legroom, and you’re ideally located near the bathrooms and emergency exits. This means plenty of room to walk around and let the little one go wild.

4)   Speaking of planes, arrive a little bit early to the airport.  Not sure what other airlines do, but for whatever reason Delta has to check you in manually when traveling with an infant. They also have to charge you additional hidden fees/taxes for the child (amounted to $95 for us). Don’t ask why, but it took the Delta agent 15 minutes to get this all sorted out.

5)   Don’t overly stress about cleanliness.  We learned early on that Fay cannot be contained. Let’s just hope we’re helping her gain strong immunities to Asian germs.

6)   Snacks are a good way to help keep the peace. We really like the fruit melts by Gerber.  Tasty treat for both child and parents.

7)   Develop patience.  We’re serious about this one. It’s probably the most important tip of all time.  Wish we knew how to help you (and us) on this one.

We are still learning as we go. If you have any other tips, ideas, or suggestions, please let us know! Anticipate another one of these posts near the end of our journey.

Ko Phi Phi : Paradise & Puke

Ko Phi Phi. We will forever remember your name.  

We’ll show the ‘Paradise’ part in pictures. 


Our Arrival. We enjoyed sunny skies and amazing scenery the whole week.


For an extra $5, we hired a private longtail boat to tour Ko Phi Phi Leh.


IMG_0525Rather than hang out at the over-crowded ‘Maya Bay’, we turned the corner and had this beach all to ourselves for the afternoon. Best beach of our lives.


Sloane getting her snorkel on.


Meanwhile, Gollum enjoyed the boat.


Took a 30-minute jungle trek to soak in the view of Ko Phi Phi Don.


The Family. Pictures can be wonderful. You can’t smell us and you can’t see our sweat.




The full moon party.


Since Ko Phi Phi is known to be quite crowded, we took a 15-minute boat ride and stayed in these bungalows on their own private beach.


Ty’s Dive Site.


Sorry. Had to throw in another landscape shot. Ty’s really proud of this one.

The Good: Our experience here really was incredible. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful this place is.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and we couldn’t have asked for better accommodations.  The resort we stayed at was its own little slice of paradise, and the staff quickly became our friends. We met a lot of wonderful people and had great conversations.   The snorkeling was great, Ty went on two spectacular dives, and Sloane got her beach fix and more.

The Bad: Because Ko Phi Phi is perhaps the one place most tourists make sure they visit, it was pretty crowded in the main town of Ton Sai.  The town is also full of cigarette smoke, bars, and a myriad of other wonderful smells.  And, as is custom for any major tourist destination, prices here are about twice as high when compared to the mainland of Thailand.  Don’t shed too many tears over this though. Our average meal cost the whole family about $10, and our bungalows set us back $36/ night.

The Ugly: It all began at about 2:00 am when Ty heard Sloane bolting to the bathroom.  By the time Ty could come to rescue his damsel in distress, there was about 1 gallon of regurgitated food blanketing the bathroom floor.  Once Sloane was finished, she lifted her head just enough to see a giant spider about 3 feet away.  This was unfortunate as Sloane has been paranoid of giant spiders creeping into our bungalows for the last 2 weeks.  Ty heroically and naively grabbed the ‘Off’ and valiantly sprayed the eight-legged demon (you don’t hit these kind with your hand).  The arachnid was too fast though, and in seconds it had skirted around both Sloane and Ty and climbed up the wall behind them, just above their heads. Perfect position for his next strike.  Ty then did what any logical man would do in this situation- retreat.  The spider was never seen again. Early morning brought news that Sloane’s stomach bug was of the double dragon variety. Fun. 

Epilogue: At the time of writing, Sloane and Fay are both quite sick. Sloane has been down for the count for 3 days now, and Fay began throwing up last night.  Life started getting really good today when we discovered that Fay is also trying to cut 3 new teeth. Needless to say our 2 hour ferry ride back to the mainland was a little rough. By the end of the journey, neither Ty nor Fay were wearing much clothing due to Fay’s throw up.

Luckily, Sloane is a wise woman. She visited the travel doctor before we left and received some antibiotics to take in such situations. Today was day #1 of the antibiotic regimen for both Sloane and Fay. They’ve both been real troopers  over the last couple of days. Pray for them!

Southern Thailand: Railay

We’ve spent the last 4 days on the Railay peninsula. This place is pretty spectacular. We’ll go ahead and just apologize in advance for posting too many pictures.


East Railay


West Railay




We loved our bungalow.


Ty really enjoyed the working environment here.


Took a day trip to a few islands. This one is Paradise Island


Hong Island


Fay is starting to appreciate the beauty around her.


Paradise island again


Phra Nang Cave Beach



You’ll have to click on this picture to appreciate it. Ty is in the very upper left in the blue.


Sloane’s turn. Middle left.


Our walk home.

IMG_0252Fay loves the seating here. She is finally allowed to roam free.

IMG_0281Don’t forget we are in the rainy season.

IMG_0283General conference on our rainy Sunday. Yes, this is a self-timer shot. How else were we supposed to capture the moment?


Another picture.


Low tide unfortunately reveals the downside to parts of Railay. Trash.


Saying goodbye to our bungalows (bottom left)


The Railay Experience: We loved it here.  The highlight was rock climbing at Phra Nang Cave Beach. We’ve never climbed in such a unique and beautiful location. The Railay peninsula is only accessible by boat due to the massive cliffs that cut it off from the rest of the mainland.  As a rock climbing and backpacking mecca, the village is defined by large portraits of Bob Marley and rasta flags. It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been, it’s a rock climbing mecca, and it’s in the perfect location to visit outlying islands. Sounds pretty much perfect right? Well,  not quite.  The natural beauty of the island truly is stunning, but construction and trash in the village is really an eyesore.  Such a shame to see people not being wise stewards of such an incredibly gorgeous place. If you don’t mind feeling a little grungy, however, Railay is an experience that should not be missed.

Wat Pho Statue

We Made It.

The adventure has begun.

Baby Traveling to Thailand

SLC. Fresh as a daisy.


Tokyo. Not so fresh anymore.

baby tuk tuk in bangkok

Tuk Tuk ride. Fay likes the feel of the wind in her bow.

Wat Bangkok

Wat in Bangkok

Wat Pho Bangkok


Wat Pho 

sleeping buddha wat pho



One day in Bangkok is plenty of time. Headed South. 


Fay is  really diggin the view. 


The View. 


We think we’ll settle down here for a little bit.

Fay Update: We are proud to announce that she is still alive.  She’s had her moments, but overall she’s done quite well.  Her constantly changing surroundings have pushed her into hyperdrive, which adds a nice level of stress to our otherwise unencumbered lives.  Ever since she took a record 12 steps in the airport the other day, she’s decided she wants to try running.  It never turns out well. She also started climbing in our Bangkok hotel; she may have broken the room phone as a result.  And yes, the rumor that Thai people love babies is absolutely true. Fay is now a celebrity; everyone follows her around and she even has paparazzi issues to deal with (we’ve counted about 6 people who have taken a picture of her so far).

Bangkok: One day is about all you need here.  The highlight of our day in this mess of a city was Wat Pho. The most exciting part of the day in Bangkok was Fay pooping all over Herself, Ty, Sloane and the Taxi. The most stressful part of the day was being stranded in the outskirts of Bangkok in torrential rains for 45 minutes. Apparently rush hour + monsoon = no taxis. Good to know. 

Today is Day 4 and we are now in our third hotel (technically bungalow). We’ve used planes, trains, automobiles, tuk tuks, and boats to get to our current location.  We are exhausted and sore. To alleviate our pain and suffering, we’ve both gotten foot massages and Thai massages.  Feeling much better now. 

This is great.