Southern Thailand: Railay

We’ve spent the last 4 days on the Railay peninsula. This place is pretty spectacular. We’ll go ahead and just apologize in advance for posting too many pictures.


East Railay


West Railay




We loved our bungalow.


Ty really enjoyed the working environment here.


Took a day trip to a few islands. This one is Paradise Island


Hong Island


Fay is starting to appreciate the beauty around her.


Paradise island again


Phra Nang Cave Beach



You’ll have to click on this picture to appreciate it. Ty is in the very upper left in the blue.


Sloane’s turn. Middle left.


Our walk home.

IMG_0252Fay loves the seating here. She is finally allowed to roam free.

IMG_0281Don’t forget we are in the rainy season.

IMG_0283General conference on our rainy Sunday. Yes, this is a self-timer shot. How else were we supposed to capture the moment?


Another picture.


Low tide unfortunately reveals the downside to parts of Railay. Trash.


Saying goodbye to our bungalows (bottom left)


The Railay Experience: We loved it here.  The highlight was rock climbing at Phra Nang Cave Beach. We’ve never climbed in such a unique and beautiful location. The Railay peninsula is only accessible by boat due to the massive cliffs that cut it off from the rest of the mainland.  As a rock climbing and backpacking mecca, the village is defined by large portraits of Bob Marley and rasta flags. It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been, it’s a rock climbing mecca, and it’s in the perfect location to visit outlying islands. Sounds pretty much perfect right? Well,  not quite.  The natural beauty of the island truly is stunning, but construction and trash in the village is really an eyesore.  Such a shame to see people not being wise stewards of such an incredibly gorgeous place. If you don’t mind feeling a little grungy, however, Railay is an experience that should not be missed.

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