Ko Phi Phi : Paradise & Puke

Ko Phi Phi. We will forever remember your name.  

We’ll show the ‘Paradise’ part in pictures. 


Our Arrival. We enjoyed sunny skies and amazing scenery the whole week.


For an extra $5, we hired a private longtail boat to tour Ko Phi Phi Leh.


IMG_0525Rather than hang out at the over-crowded ‘Maya Bay’, we turned the corner and had this beach all to ourselves for the afternoon. Best beach of our lives.


Sloane getting her snorkel on.


Meanwhile, Gollum enjoyed the boat.


Took a 30-minute jungle trek to soak in the view of Ko Phi Phi Don.


The Family. Pictures can be wonderful. You can’t smell us and you can’t see our sweat.




The full moon party.


Since Ko Phi Phi is known to be quite crowded, we took a 15-minute boat ride and stayed in these bungalows on their own private beach.


Ty’s Dive Site.


Sorry. Had to throw in another landscape shot. Ty’s really proud of this one.

The Good: Our experience here really was incredible. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful this place is.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and we couldn’t have asked for better accommodations.  The resort we stayed at was its own little slice of paradise, and the staff quickly became our friends. We met a lot of wonderful people and had great conversations.   The snorkeling was great, Ty went on two spectacular dives, and Sloane got her beach fix and more.

The Bad: Because Ko Phi Phi is perhaps the one place most tourists make sure they visit, it was pretty crowded in the main town of Ton Sai.  The town is also full of cigarette smoke, bars, and a myriad of other wonderful smells.  And, as is custom for any major tourist destination, prices here are about twice as high when compared to the mainland of Thailand.  Don’t shed too many tears over this though. Our average meal cost the whole family about $10, and our bungalows set us back $36/ night.

The Ugly: It all began at about 2:00 am when Ty heard Sloane bolting to the bathroom.  By the time Ty could come to rescue his damsel in distress, there was about 1 gallon of regurgitated food blanketing the bathroom floor.  Once Sloane was finished, she lifted her head just enough to see a giant spider about 3 feet away.  This was unfortunate as Sloane has been paranoid of giant spiders creeping into our bungalows for the last 2 weeks.  Ty heroically and naively grabbed the ‘Off’ and valiantly sprayed the eight-legged demon (you don’t hit these kind with your hand).  The arachnid was too fast though, and in seconds it had skirted around both Sloane and Ty and climbed up the wall behind them, just above their heads. Perfect position for his next strike.  Ty then did what any logical man would do in this situation- retreat.  The spider was never seen again. Early morning brought news that Sloane’s stomach bug was of the double dragon variety. Fun. 

Epilogue: At the time of writing, Sloane and Fay are both quite sick. Sloane has been down for the count for 3 days now, and Fay began throwing up last night.  Life started getting really good today when we discovered that Fay is also trying to cut 3 new teeth. Needless to say our 2 hour ferry ride back to the mainland was a little rough. By the end of the journey, neither Ty nor Fay were wearing much clothing due to Fay’s throw up.

Luckily, Sloane is a wise woman. She visited the travel doctor before we left and received some antibiotics to take in such situations. Today was day #1 of the antibiotic regimen for both Sloane and Fay. They’ve both been real troopers  over the last couple of days. Pray for them!

8 thoughts on “Ko Phi Phi : Paradise & Puke

  1. Oh you poor soul. These photos bring back so many memories. Gods greatest creations I say. We referred to the non-stop “knock you off your feet” stench of the markets and EVERYWHERE as, “the scent of Thai.” Hope you get feeling better, that is a nightmare.

    • Feeling like a new woman this AM. Meds, an entire loaf of wonder bread and 5 blue gatoraids is the magical combo I guess. “The scent of Thai” has kept me pretty much cooped up in the hotel still though. Not sure I am ready to brave the streets yet:) Fay bounced back like a champ.

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