Digital Nomads: From Krabi to Bangkok

It’s been a week of transition. We’ve gone from the beaches of Ko Phi Phi to the small town of Krabi.  (Fay and Sloane are healthy again thank goodness). Then from Krabi to Bangkok, and onward to Chiang Mai.


The night market in Krabi.  We ate all sorts of new things. Delicious, cheap food. 10 baht chicken skewers are hard to beat.

IMG_0485We wandered around Krabi for about 20 minutes before we found this little gem of a hotel. It was cheap, clean, and Fay found a new best friend. Every time we passed through Krabi we stayed here so she could play with Nishah.

IMG_0445Getting ready to hike to a wat on top of a mountain. Imagine Christian Bale in ‘Batman Begins’ heading up to the league of shadows temple thinger. But in blazing heat and humidity, and no ninja training up top.


Unnaturally tall steps. They said it would be fun, they said.

IMG_04621,273 steps and 2,000 vertical feet later, Fay declares victory. It wasn’t easy, but she persevered.


Still gloating at her accomplishments.


Are we allowed to ring the bells? Fay says yes.

Change: Our transformation has begun. Our clothes smell like Asia, and Ty has discovered he now sweats curry. Not sure if it’s Panang or Green…but definitely curry. We’ve adjusted to the smells, the busy streets, and we don’t get stressed out when Thai women take Fay away while we eat dinner. Ty is even working on his Asian beard (beard is a loose term here, you all know Ty can’t grow facial hair). Ty insists that his Asian beard is leaps and bounds better than his Jerusalem mustache.  We’d show you a picture, but Ty is begging for more time in hopes that you will actually be able to see the beard in the photo.

DCBKK Conference: Ty dragged Sloane and Fay back to the bustling city of Bangkok for three days so he could attend a business conference. He really enjoyed listening to, and being surrounded by, other crazy digital nomads.  All of the attendees were internet entrepreneurs, and most are living somewhere in Southeast Asia.  Fun to know that there are thousands of other people building their businesses while traveling the world.

Fay Update: Fay is walking like a champ. We are so excited…sort of. Now she can climb up and walk off beds, stumble off curbs, run away while we’re eating, and clip her face on sharp corners of chairs. But, we count the walking as the positive progress that it is.

Moving on to Fay’s teeth. For about 5 months now, people have been asking us if Fay is teething. We suppose this is the polite thing to ask when someone sees an irritable, crying child.  Too bad she didn’t cut her first tooth until last month. Last week we discovered she is working on five new ones at the same time. Now, there is no question on anyone’s mind. Fay is teething. These are dark times.

6 thoughts on “Digital Nomads: From Krabi to Bangkok

  1. I love hearing about your travels! You guys are so brave to tote a toddler (adorable as she may be) around on your adventures, but it’s such an amazing experience to get to do this as a family!

    • Thanks Liz! Yep, you do. We’ll just be waiting for you guys out here. In a few days we’re going to go play with some big cats, big cat diary style. Maybe you should just come out right now.

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