Welcome to Chiang Mai

You’re going to learn a lot about Chiang Mai over the next month.


Sloane immediately signed up for her long-awaited cooking class. 


House of Flames.


The results did not disappoint. 


Fay’s first visit to the zoo. She loved all the different kinds of monkeys.

IMG_0709Still at the zoo. We loved the scenery as much as the animals.


How to make your zoo awesome: just build it in the jungle. No landscaping required.


Stopped by Wat Phra Singh after church on Sunday. 


Behold, Ty’s ‘beard’.  Fay looks cute too. Oh, and this is Wat Doi Suthep. 


This is Sloane taking a picture of a monk taking a picture of Fay. Or maybe it was Ty…


Heading down from Wat Doi Suthep.  Favorite temple so far. Located up in the mountains, its surroundings are beautiful and the weather is nice and cool.

See you next week.

Arrival:  Chiang Mai is a great city to settle down in. It has a great vibe and culture, and tons of delicious food. There is plenty to do, plenty to learn, and plenty of interesting expats to talk to. After pounding the pavement for a few days, we found a great little apartment for $300/month. They even clean and bring us new towels and sheets every week.  We would go on and on about how much money we are going to save, but we’re probably going to end up spending it all on activities and tours. Chiang Mai will be home base until the end of November. 

Thai Farm Cooking Class: Sloane LOVED the cooking class.  We started off by learning about the ingredients at a local market, then headed to the farm to pick out all our greens. Sloane learned to make Spring Rolls, Chicken w/ Basil, Mango Sticky Rice, Chicken Coconut Soup, and Green Curry, paste and all. Meanwhile, Ty was babysitter and photographer all day long.  Let’s not pretend Ty’s a saint or anything though, we all know he stands to benefit greatly from this experience.  We also lucked out, because our instructor, Pern, is now one of our best friends.  She’s shared all sorts of interesting information with us and she invited us over for dinner next week.  We are excited! A REAL Thai friend! She even invited us to stay at her apartment, but we respectfully declined.  She has no idea what Fay is capable of once the sun goes down.

Fay: Speaking of Fay, she’s still working on those teeth. She’s got 4 solid ones now, and 2 more trying to pop out. Lately, she’s been behaving really well during the day, and really not so well during the night. She is very good at getting the general public to fall in love with her.  As her physical development continues, so does the pain and stress associated with it.  She’s had some pretty big falls, but somehow confidence continues to grow. She also knows how to get exactly what we wants, whether it’s the undying attention of the locals, or leftover crumbs hiding under our table at the restaurant. 

A Point of Friction: The current discussion in our household is how often to leave a diaper on Fay.  Due to the current climate and lesser quality diapers, Fay is more susceptible to diaper rash. She’s also refusing to do her little bathroom trick many of you know about. Lucky for Fay, Sloane is a very kind and caring parent. Fay is allowed to roam free throughout the apartment, resulting in multiple clean ups a day. Ty is less forgiving. He would rather deal with diaper rash than Fay’s excrement on the floor. 

15 thoughts on “Welcome to Chiang Mai

  1. Sloane you are seriously the coolest person I know. Lol. The pics are gorgeous and it looks like you guys are having a great time. I love the updates. I think you are a brave and patient mama to let cute Fay poop on the floor. Ha!

  2. Thanks for explaining the diaper situation! I had been wondering. You two are so fun! Thanks for sharing your life with the general public! I find myself watching for hurt updates! Sloane, you are just plain stunning! And Ty, good job on the beard. Paul knows what an accomplishment that is! Haha!

    • Well, thank you Carmilly! We are having a blast so far. I am hoping we don’t have to post about any injuries, shouldn’t travelers diarrhea appease the gods of bad fortune?

    • Oh dear!! Just reread my comment after your response. You must think me some kind of crazy woman!! Darn auto-correct. I am NOT looking for hurt updates! I am looking forward to YOUR updates! Diahreah and spiders are more than ample!!

  3. We were in Chiang Mai 14 years ago around Songkran. Loved that place. However, we were dealing with pollution from fires in Myanmar, so the view wasn’t that clear. Can’t wait for Sloane to teach us how to cook Thai food! Of course we will lack for those fresh and unpronounceable ingredients. But we will adapt and make do! As for Fay–find a helmet….and she will potty train faster without a diaper. Alexa went “pant-less” in Japan, which is what my Japanese neighbors recommended. We too were cleaning up puddles and plops–but she was closer to 2 then. As they say en français–Du Courage!!

    • How fun. We have heard that holiday is a big deal out here. I will try my best to teach cooking, but I agree, the meals just won’t taste right by the time the imported ingredients make it to I.F. I am glad to say Fay is rash/redness free for a week now. Du Courage has payed off!

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