Tigers & Snakes

Confession: Unlike our dear friends the elephants, we are more than happy to see tigers and snakes in enclosed areas. Well, not so much tigers, but definitely snakes. Sorry, we do not love all animals equally just yet.  Ty says he’ll start worrying about that once he can figure out how to love all humans first. Could be awhile…


This dilapidated old snake farm was awesome. In red: ‘if there is any danger, we will not be responsible’ 


Our own private snake show.  


He thought it was cool to show us its deadly venom inches from our face. 


Ty succumbed to peer pressure and gave her a kiss. Sloane refused.

IMG_0971Mongoose incarnate.

IMG_0876This tiger is terrified of Fay…and rightly so.

IMG_0878Fay pounces on her prey. 

IMG_0910Already bored. 

IMG_0939Fay was not allowed in. Something about ‘tigers are aggressive toward babies and the elderly’.

IMG_0925Some claim these tigers are sedated. We beg to differ. The next photo was taken 1/2 second after this  one.

IMG_0926Quite alert… where did Ty go?


“Fay, we don’t put our fingers through the fence. You’ll have to trust us on this one.”

Where did Ty go? Ty has long claimed he has lightning fast reflexes, and this moment was no exception. As soon as he heard the tiger growl and move, Ty’s flight instinct kicked in. Before he knew it, he was standing safely behind the tiger trainers. In Ty’s own words, “I seriously didn’t even think. All the sudden I found myself in a safe location, putting several bodies between me and the tigers.” Oh yes, they all had a good laugh when Ty bolted. But we’ll see who’s laughing the next time a tiger attacks for real. The trainers won’t even see it coming. 

The tiger kingdom really is amazing. First, it’s amazing because tigers are spectacular beasts. Second, it’s amazing that we all trust this place enough to go inside an enclosed area with six full-grown tigers inside. The baby tigers were really quite cute and fun to be around, though they wouldn’t let Fay play with the more rambunctious ones for some reason. We felt very at ease and calm with the little ones. The big ones were a different story. Ty admits he was a bit on edge after his flight instinct kicked in. Sloane was more than happy to wait outside with Fay for the duration of the big tiger experience. 

The Snake Farm: We got a kick out of the dilapidated old snake farm. The snake show stadium was surrounded by dozens of cages holding all sorts of snakes and other reptiles. None of the cages were properly locked, and many were on the verge of falling apart. After we viewed the different types of snakes, we walked back to see the snake show. We were informed that we would need to wait 20 minutes. In Thailand this term is used to politely say ‘we have no idea how long it will be’. Ty then gave them a nice calm roll of the eyes and walked back to Sloane to let her know they might end up having to wait hours. To his surprise, the employees had a change of heart and decided to give us our own private show. They did not disappoint. We started on the first row of course, but within seconds Sloane had drifted up to the 2nd, then 3rd row. The snakes were either huge, deadly, or fast. We shelled out a nice tip due to the guilt we felt for placing them in harm’s way. Now we know what they were discussing when Ty asked about the show:

“Well, I’m not really in the mood to risk my life with only three people to watch. Let’s at least wait for a tour bus to arrive. We can only get so much in tips from one family.”

“Yeah…but maybe we should it, that farang seemed kind of annoyed. Maybe we’ll get some lunch money”

“Ok, whatever, let’s do it. I haven’t been bitten for a week now so I’m feeling pretty confident.”


6 thoughts on “Tigers & Snakes

  1. McKay and I were like you Sloane. We went in with the baby Tigers, but couldn’t get over the fact that the only thing standing between you and a 600 lb tiger is a man with a little stick to hit the tiger’s nose with. And no, they are definitely not sedated!!!

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