Life of Pai

We took a break from the city life of Chiang Mai for a few days. 

IMG_1110Welcome to Pai.


Real work.


Pai Canyon

IMG_1048Hard core Sloane trekking through the jungle…for about 10 minutes.

IMG_1057The end of our 10 minute jungle trek.


Sloane is wondering if we should trust this thing.

IMG_1071Fay loved it.


The ladies were itching for some pool time.

IMG_1113Great night market here. We were sure to snack up every night.

The Journey to Pai: Pai is a 3-hour minibus ride from Chiang Mai. As we boarded we were enthusiastically greeted by a dozen Chinese tourists with funny little patches behind their ears. We were all excited to see the beautiful Thai countryside en route to Pai. The excitement quickly faded. We really don’t want to complain, but it can be hard to appreciate such beauty when your driver is hopped up on cocaine (our theory) while navigating the windiest mountain pass on planet earth (760 hair pin turns). Screeching tires, slamming on brakes (slamming on the gas), and sharp swerving motions characterized this journey.  Ty stared ahead with grim determination while Sloane dramatically fanned herself and hung her head out the window. Fay hardly seemed to notice both her parents were dangerously green in the face. Well played Chinese, well played. In sum, we lived in anxiety, fear, and misery for 3 hours straight. It took our bodies about 4 hours to fully recover. 

Life of Pai: Pai is a beautiful and relaxing little town. Since most of the roads surrounding Pai have no traffic (ok, a few elephants and mopeds), we rented a motorbike and explored the area for three days straight. We loved watching  the scenery, the unhurried farmers, and the Moms motorbiking matching uniformed children home from school.  We could have easily stayed here longer. We had an absolute blast. Our B&B was the most charming so far. Removed from the town we had quiet views of the gardens and rice patties with a backdrop of mountains. The brand new rooms had the look and feel of bungalows, but boasted real walls (big deal for keeping spiders out).

Bamboo rafting was surprisingly quite pleasant and fun. Nothing more than 10 bamboo poles lashed together.  It was actually the smoothest float down a river we’ve ever had. This is because water just flows up between and through the bamboo instead of getting slammed against it. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to use this as a metaphor in a church talk someday. 

Fool me once….we were prepared for our journey home to Chiang Mai. We brought treats, 2 lemon schweppes sodas, Dramamine, and we booked early to reserve seats at the front. Thankfully, our driver on the way back was sober and relaxed. Combine that with our Dramamine and we felt pretty darn good on our journey home.  

If you are still reading, Fay would like to give you a wave:

Fay in Pai

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