The Big Event : Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong has been on our calendar since January. 

***Our friend Zack Lazarus shot some amazing footage (including several shots of Fay) during this event.

We suggest you watch this video first- it captures the event better than anything else we will post. ***



OK, now you can watch our short little YouTube clips if you’d like:



This is Fay’s new friend Lou. 


Fay can just feel the excitement building.


Mind blown.


 Mind still blown.


Mini-mind blown.


We are happy.


Letting go of all our cares on the Ping River. 

Loi Krathong & Yi Peng Festival: These two festivals are basically fusing into one, though technically Loi Krathong refers to the floating flower decorations, while Yi Peng refers to the floating sky lanterns. The sky lanterns are released to show respect to Buddha, while the flower decorations are released to both show respect to Buddha and let go of all cares and negative thoughts, etc. The festivities last for three days and include cultural performances, ceremonies, and parades. 

Maejo University:  Releasing the lanterns at Maejo University was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. We loved sharing this magical experience together as a family.  No alcohol, cigarettes, or revealing dress was permitted at this Buddhist event. Triple awesome. It was incredible to participate in such a peaceful religious experience with so many people. We have no idea how many people attended the ceremony and participated in the unified release of the sky lanterns, but our guess is over 10,000. We attended the event with 30 other expats running their businesses from Chiang Mai. Fay had tons of fun and cozied right up to all of them during the festivities. We were really surprised at how well she did the entire evening. We wish we could better express how incredible and moving the experience was, but Ty is the one that writes these posts. So good luck with that. 

The Real Adventure: The real adventure began after the releasing of the lanterns was over. As the initial excitement faded and the lanterns floated off into the distance, all 10,000 of us began wandering towards THE ONLY exit in the entire area. Recipe for disaster: 10,000 hot, sweaty, tired people trying to leave through one small exit, whilst loud fireworks and fiery lanterns fly over head. Our conversation quickly turned to all of the horrific human stampedes we hear about on the news. Neither one of us have ever felt so trapped; it literally became difficult to breathe. Sloane was particularly nervous since she had the mini-human strapped to her. It took nearly an hour to move a few hundred yards, after which we were able to cross a bridge to freedom. Crisis averted. 

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