Daily Life in Chiang Mai

Our time in Chiang Mai has come to end. Here’s a glimpse into the day-to-day over the past month.


 Fay loves riding in the Songthaews ( little red trucks with seats in the bed)


Street food is delicious. 


Main form of transport for the month. 

Fay’s feet look like this at the end of every single day. 

IMG_1009 We call her Gollum when she’s not behaving.


Fay’s toys.


Just chatting away with the cute old ladies at church. 


Sorry about the pews…didn’t see that one coming.


The best food joints look like this. Not sure what Sloane and Fay are up to.


Real Thai dinner with our friend Pern.


Locals taking pictures of Fay on the go.


Happy Movember.

Sunday: We go to church on Sundays. The branch we attend is wonderful. It has about 100 active members, and most of them are local.  We do have a small handful of English-speaking expats, which means we get our own English-speaking Sunday school. Fay is now completely impossible to contain. Luckily, the nursery leaders just take her away during Sunday school. She usually lasts anywhere from 20-40 minutes, at which point we begin to hear her terrifying screams echoing down the church halls. We cherish those 20-40 minutes. After church, we continue to seek after truth by visiting the dozens of Buddhist temples dotting the city.  Then we break the sabbath and go out to eat. Cut us some slack, we only have a mini-fridge. 

The Rest of the Week: Ty has been putting in quite a bit of work during the week.  He’s been spending most of his time getting his current business ready for Christmas and planning for 2014. He’s really enjoyed strategizing and coming up with new ideas with Austin (his amazing business partner)  via email and Skype. He’s excited for what lies ahead, even though he has no idea what that might be. The rest of his time is spent networking with other entrepreneurs and researching new business opportunities. 

So what does Sloane do when Ty is working? All you mothers out there already know the answer. It’s a miracle Fay is still alive, and that miracle comes daily in the form of Sloane. In addition to keeping Fay happy and alive, Sloane has become quite the explorer. She can usually be found perusing far-reaching botanical gardens, wandering specialty markets, and learning about the local handicrafts. 

Food: Food holds a special place in our hearts. We go out to eat for nearly every meal and we are very grateful that the food is cheap enough here to pull that off. We were especially excited to eat an authentic Thai dinner at Pern’s place…until they made Ty eat raw shrimp and strips of pig skin. Afterward, they turned to Sloane and said, ‘maybe you shouldn’t eat any of the raw food, we don’t want you to get sick’. Nice. Since we couldn’t show up empty-handed, Sloane made an american classic for our Thai friends: Rice Krispie Treats.  They were a big hit. 

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