The North

Chiang Dao


Chiang Dao Nest. We should have stayed here longer.



IMG_1207 Chiang Dao Cave.

IMG_1215Sloane preferred not to look up.

IMG_1233Our transportation to Chiang Rai.


Crackers and boats. Life is good.

Chiang Rai


The White ‘Temple’


Inside the Black house


Never too young to learn about opium.


Myanmar on left, Laos on the right. If only we had more time…



Cruising the market in Mae Sai, about 50 yards from Myanmar.

Chiang Dao: A local bus ride out of Chiang Mai landed us in this mountain town. Chiang Dao was the perfect place to relax and enjoy some cooler temps. Tucked right up against the mountains, everything about the resort is top notch, especially the food. We really enjoyed hiking through the mist-shrouded mountainous jungle as well as the miles deep Chiang Dao cave. Outside the cave, Fay pretended to observe the Sacred Fish pond while sneakily plucking all the hopefully not so sacred flowers in her path.

Chiang Dao to Chiang Rai:  The best part about Chiang Rai was getting there. Using the river for a leg of our journey, the 3-hour boat ride was a wonderful way to see northern Thailand. Fay loved every minute of it. Sloane was slighly stressed however, since Fay quickly developed a habit of trying to hurl herself overboard.  Although her 90 attempts failed, she did succeed in casually tossing her bow over the edge.  Two bows down…only two more to go before Fay’s bald head is finally free . 

Chiang Rai:  Our ill-informed research led us to believe Chiang Rai was like Chiang Mai, yet with more charm.  We would like the world to know this is false.  It lacks all of the positives of Chiang Mai and retains all the negatives, and then some. Ty decided to dub this place ‘Chiang Lame’. We did see some interesting, weird things up here (white temple, black house, opium, and THIS), but nothing that you can’t live without. Our advice is to only stay here if you are en route to Laos or Myanmar (although the night market does have an incredible food court).

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