Public Service Announcement

Sorry folks, our internet connection here in Bali doesn’t have what it takes to upload a picture to the blog. We’ll start posting again in 2 weeks. If you’re lucky, we  just might be patient enough to sneak a photo onto Instagram in the meantime. 

-Ty, Sloane, and The Monster

Party in Ko Lanta

At long last, visitors! 

IMG_2065Party time with our cousins and siblings. 

IMG_2101Ladyboys singing Happy Birthday to Brienne. Easily the best birthday song of all time.


IMG_2116Fay & Ollie were best friends. 

IMG_2128These two loved playing on the dive boat. 

IMG_2135 These moms deserve an award. 
IMG_2137Brienne & Kelsey at the dive site. Beautiful people. 

IMG_2171Fay struts her stuff on our way to dinner.

IMG_2159Klong Dao: hard to beat the beaches on Ko Lanta.

IMG_2146A rare moment of tranquility.

IMG_2144Fay dead asleep in the middle of the ocean.

IMG_2080Happy babies= happy parents.

IMG_2067 IMG_2183IMG_2077IMG_2072

Visitors gone. They left us too soon! 

Visitors: The stars aligned and a few of our favorite people came to visit! We would like to publicly thank Brienne & Kelsey (Ty’s cousins) and Kara (Ty’s sister), Taylor, and Ollie for making this week an absolute blast. We can’t even begin to describe just how good it was to share this experience and spend time with family. We love you guys! We regret we didn’t take more pictures; too much fun talking and playing.  


1. Cramming all 8 of us into a truck and exploring the island.

2. Dinner at the beach every night. 

3.  All day dive trip to Ko Haa.

4. Relaxing at some of the best beaches in Thailand. 

5. Brienne’s birthday dinner. She will never receive a birthday song of this caliber again.

Fay & Ollie: Fay was quite excited to see her cousin Ollie after all this time apart. She treated him like gold, except she always tried to pull the long blonde locks out of his head. Must be Hair Envy. Ollie is just the happiest baby on the planet, so he loved playing with Fay and anyone else who wanted to say hello. We loved the fact that Ollie was a source of entertainment for Fay. We also LOVED Kara & Taylor’s Christmas present to us: A night of babysitting Fay. This allowed us to go out to eat by ourselves for the first time since September. Pure bliss. 

Ko Lanta: Ko Lanta is a refreshingly family-oriented island, and is home to some of the best beaches in all the land. We’ve never seen so much sand. Klong Dao was the perfect beach for Fay: huge and flat with a long, gentle slope into the ocean. She could run around in circles on this beach for hours. Ko Lanta is the best place we’ve stayed for complete relaxation. It became everyone’s vacation within a vacation, since we’ve all been on overdrive trying to see everything over the last few weeks. It felt great to just sit back and drink coconut shakes on the beach with our family. Life is good. 


We’ve received requests for more pictures. Here are a few NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures from the last 75 days.

IMG_1096 Just chillin’ in Pai
IMG_1070 Testing the waters.
IMG_1060New pants. 

IMG_1030Decides to be happy after a small meltdown.

IMG_0742We’re losing hair because of this.

IMG_0785Getting to know Boon.

IMG_0821Surveying lunch. Yes, we ended up buying that shirt.

IMG_0869Warming up to her new friends.

IMG_0718New hand sign. Not sure what it means yet.

IMG_0639 IMG_0627Rockin’ out. 

IMG_0610 IMG_0479


IMG_1727Comparing hairstyles. 


See you guys later! 

Fay: She is so dang cute. You can begin babysitting January 10th. Please. 

Ho Chi Minh City

IMG_2000SaigonIMG_2014Nap time.

IMG_2018Starting off our tour of the war remnants museum. 

IMG_2020The Fay Exhibit.

IMG_2021 IMG_2023Trying out a new form of transportation. 

IMG_2027The hotel owner gave Fay this new hat. 


A lovely propagandist film to start off the Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

IMG_2033Viet Cong traps used against the evil Americans.

IMG_2043Mandatory Cu Chi Tunnel Selfie.  (Sloane and Fay opted out)

Ho Chi Minh City: Saigon is one of the most vibrant cities we’ve ever been to. It’s a perfect blend of old & new, and it’s teeming with life. Crossing the streets of Hanoi was a good stepping stone to prepare us for Saigon traffic. Simply amazing to watch how the flow of traffic functions here. We ignorant Americans were honestly surprised at just how alive and progressive this city is.  Saigon is just a cool city to experience. 
The Vietnam War:  Or, to the vietnamese, ‘The American War’.  It was quite interesting to look at the Vietnam War through the communist Vietnamese lens. Visiting the war museum and cu chi tunnels  made the war very real to us. The museum is quite propagandist, but it was extremely eye-opening and informative at the same time. 
Misery: It is safe to say we are at a low, low point in our journey. Through a series of unknown and unfortunate events, Ty ended up with a mean-looking rash that made its way through his entire body. Sloane thought Ty was being his usual dramatic self as he wallowed in sorrow and laid in the hotel for 3 days straight. But finally, at about hour 72, she conceded to his pleas to go to a clinic. Ty now has some real meds that have helped to significantly contain the rash, though he still has a long road to recovery.  Meanwhile, Fay was just having a grand old time running around the lobby like a crazy woman:

Hanoi & Ha Long Bay

On to Vietnam.

IMG_1785Wandering the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

IMG_1794Walking through a typical intersection

IMG_1811Fay sheds a tear after a solid faceplant on the boat to Ha Long Bay.

IMG_1823 IMG_1840Touring Ha Long Bay

IMG_1873Kayaking with our tour guide.

IMG_1906 IMG_1908 IMG_1945A visit to the pearl farm. Sloane and Fay left very happy.

IMG_1995The view from the ‘Amazing Cave’.

IMG_1990Amazing indeed. This cave was massive.

IMG_1999Fresh seafood for sale.


IMG_1963Wait for it…


Hanoi:  The Old Quarter of the city is full of character, and it was fun to experience a brand new culture. Walking across the street takes some getting used to, but the broad philosophy is quite simple: Just start walking and the traffic will flow around you. It’s a great way to get the adrenaline flowing and it literally keeps you on your toes. The narrow, crowded streets were also unfortunately full of cigarette smokers (a filthy and extremely inconsiderate habit) so we were more than happy to move on after a couple days.

Ha Long Bay: We took a 3-day boat cruise through Ha Long Bay and enjoyed every minute of it. When we first saw our boat, Ty immediately began to question the seaworthiness of the vessel. Luckily, it was quite nice (just in need of a new exterior paint job). The oncoming monsoon season enshrouded the bay with a slight mist, making the experience even more surreal. We visited several small islands, caves, and villages, and anxiously awaited the incredible sunsets every night. The bay’s thousands of islands were truly breathtaking. Ty’s favorite part was kayaking through caves leading into bays only accessible at low tide. The whole experience was perfect…except for that time when three drunk Australians in the cabin next door got into a crazy fight in the middle of the night. 

Cambodia: Siem Reap

IMG_1767Touring the countryside via ox cart

IMG_1754 IMG_1748 IMG_1714 Our tuk tuk driver took us to his local village.
IMG_1717 Duck embryo. We watched our driver eat the whole thing. 
IMG_1615Visiting a Buddha carved on top of a giant boulder.

IMG_1537 The land mine museum was eye-opening. 


We loved watching all the kids running around.
IMG_1305Floating village on Tonle Sap lake. 

IMG_1312 This is how the 4-year olds get around in the floating village.

IMG_1319Pet croc

IMG_1518 Fay loves water. 
IMG_1591Goodbye Cambodia. You will be missed.

Cambodia: Our experience in Cambodia was beautiful. The country is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the temples are beautiful. Our week here was perfect in so many ways. If we only had one week to come out and visit southeast asia, we would choose Siem Reap. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this was the place we stayed: V&A Villa.  The owners really helped to provide an authentic experience and a strong connection to the Cambodian culture. 

Rough History: Cambodia has had a rough past. Just read up a little bit on The Khmer Rouge and you’ll understand why. In addition, the U.S. dropped millions of land mines over Cambodia during the Vietnam War & the country still has hundreds of deaths each year from leftover unexploded ordnance. Cambodia is just barely ahead of Myanmar in terms of poverty, and currently has one of the worst rankings for government corruption.  It truly is amazing to see just how friendly and happy the people are here despite their circumstances. 

Cambodia: Angkor Wat

Dozens of temples.

IMG_1371The Big Daddy: Angkor Wat

IMG_1348Fay begins wandering around the inner sanctum.



Tha Phrom (Tomb Raider Temple)

IMG_1383Angkor Thom: Bayon


IMG_1471 IMG_1436 IMG_1413 IMG_1551

A bunch more temples.

IMG_1445 Fay gettin’ blessed.
IMG_1495Kbal Spean river carvings


Ty’s History Lesson: The temples were built by Khmer kings a long time ago.  Some temples are Buddhist, some are Hindu, and many are a combination of both. The end.

The Experience: We spent three very full days exploring the temples surrounding Siem Reap, and we barely scratched the surface. Cruising from temple to temple in the Cambodian tuk tuk’s was a great way to enjoy the scenery and was Fay’s favorite part of the whole experience. It was extremely difficult to capture in photographs just how impressive  these temples were (we spared you about 150 other temple pictures, you’re welcome). The temples of Angkor really do have a special mystique about them, and they definitely lived up to all of the hype.

Excuses, Excuses: Sorry for the short post folks. There are two reasons for this. Reason #1 : We’ve been bouncing around a lot lately with very little time. Reason #2: The magnificent author of this blog currently has a rash covering his entire body and is not in any mood to write anything more. Saigon has not been very kind to us.

Fay’s Cambodian Birthday

An Urgent Matter (PLEASE READ!!!!) : Dear readers, as many of you know we are trying to stick it to the man by entering a ski bum contest. We think the video is pretty hilarious, well worth the watch. Part of the judging process is the public vote, which ends on December 8th.  We would be extremely grateful for your votes! Click here to watch the video and vote! (You can vote once per day on all of your devices)

Ok, so now that you’ve voted for us, we’ll get back to the good stuff.

We took Fay to Cambodia for her birthday.



First we went swimming.


A rare moment of cuddling as Fay warms up after the cold swim.
IMG_1673 IMG_1681

We had a great time celebrating Fay’s 1st birthday.

Our wonderful friends Nik & Amy gave Fay the cutest dress of all time.
Fay: Fay is our favorite child. We’re still struggling to believe she has been alive for an entire year. As she continues to grow and develop, we now know one thing for certain: Fay loves being free. Holding Fay is now a privilege only to be had by the elite, AKA Sloane. She’s like, so over her Dad right now. Really though, Fay is cuter than ever and we love her more and more each day.
As our travels continue, Fay has made some amazing progress wearing down her parents. Sometimes we are not sure she is human. She speaks in a strange tongue and exhibits animalistic behavor as she runs around terrorizing her surroundings.  Because Fay can literally run these days, she’s been getting into quite a bit more trouble. But we won’t talk about that here.  We now go to bed at 9pm in order to receive the rest we need to survive another day. 
Cambodia: Much more to come on Cambodia. We will say this: Cambodia has won our hearts. So much so that Ty won’t stop talking about starting a travel tour company that only visits Cambodia. It’s that good.