Fay’s Cambodian Birthday

An Urgent Matter (PLEASE READ!!!!) : Dear readers, as many of you know we are trying to stick it to the man by entering a ski bum contest. We think the video is pretty hilarious, well worth the watch. Part of the judging process is the public vote, which ends on December 8th.  We would be extremely grateful for your votes! Click here to watch the video and vote! (You can vote once per day on all of your devices)

Ok, so now that you’ve voted for us, we’ll get back to the good stuff.

We took Fay to Cambodia for her birthday.



First we went swimming.


A rare moment of cuddling as Fay warms up after the cold swim.
IMG_1673 IMG_1681

We had a great time celebrating Fay’s 1st birthday.

Our wonderful friends Nik & Amy gave Fay the cutest dress of all time.
Fay: Fay is our favorite child. We’re still struggling to believe she has been alive for an entire year. As she continues to grow and develop, we now know one thing for certain: Fay loves being free. Holding Fay is now a privilege only to be had by the elite, AKA Sloane. She’s like, so over her Dad right now. Really though, Fay is cuter than ever and we love her more and more each day.
As our travels continue, Fay has made some amazing progress wearing down her parents. Sometimes we are not sure she is human. She speaks in a strange tongue and exhibits animalistic behavor as she runs around terrorizing her surroundings.  Because Fay can literally run these days, she’s been getting into quite a bit more trouble. But we won’t talk about that here.  We now go to bed at 9pm in order to receive the rest we need to survive another day. 
Cambodia: Much more to come on Cambodia. We will say this: Cambodia has won our hearts. So much so that Ty won’t stop talking about starting a travel tour company that only visits Cambodia. It’s that good.

2 thoughts on “Fay’s Cambodian Birthday

  1. I voted for you on Columbia Ski bum (on the desktop, iPad, and iPhone). I’ll do it again tomorrow. Too bad you didn’t let me know earlier, I would have given you three votes everyday!

    I have been to Thailand and Laos, but not Cambodia. You’ve given me something to set my sights on.

    Spending her first birthday in Cambodia will be a lost memory for Fay so the pictures will be the reminders.

    Thanks for sharing!

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