Cambodia: Angkor Wat

Dozens of temples.

IMG_1371The Big Daddy: Angkor Wat

IMG_1348Fay begins wandering around the inner sanctum.



Tha Phrom (Tomb Raider Temple)

IMG_1383Angkor Thom: Bayon


IMG_1471 IMG_1436 IMG_1413 IMG_1551

A bunch more temples.

IMG_1445 Fay gettin’ blessed.
IMG_1495Kbal Spean river carvings


Ty’s History Lesson: The temples were built by Khmer kings a long time ago.  Some temples are Buddhist, some are Hindu, and many are a combination of both. The end.

The Experience: We spent three very full days exploring the temples surrounding Siem Reap, and we barely scratched the surface. Cruising from temple to temple in the Cambodian tuk tuk’s was a great way to enjoy the scenery and was Fay’s favorite part of the whole experience. It was extremely difficult to capture in photographs just how impressive  these temples were (we spared you about 150 other temple pictures, you’re welcome). The temples of Angkor really do have a special mystique about them, and they definitely lived up to all of the hype.

Excuses, Excuses: Sorry for the short post folks. There are two reasons for this. Reason #1 : We’ve been bouncing around a lot lately with very little time. Reason #2: The magnificent author of this blog currently has a rash covering his entire body and is not in any mood to write anything more. Saigon has not been very kind to us.

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