Cambodia: Siem Reap

IMG_1767Touring the countryside via ox cart

IMG_1754 IMG_1748 IMG_1714 Our tuk tuk driver took us to his local village.
IMG_1717 Duck embryo. We watched our driver eat the whole thing. 
IMG_1615Visiting a Buddha carved on top of a giant boulder.

IMG_1537 The land mine museum was eye-opening. 


We loved watching all the kids running around.
IMG_1305Floating village on Tonle Sap lake. 

IMG_1312 This is how the 4-year olds get around in the floating village.

IMG_1319Pet croc

IMG_1518 Fay loves water. 
IMG_1591Goodbye Cambodia. You will be missed.

Cambodia: Our experience in Cambodia was beautiful. The country is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the temples are beautiful. Our week here was perfect in so many ways. If we only had one week to come out and visit southeast asia, we would choose Siem Reap. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this was the place we stayed: V&A Villa.  The owners really helped to provide an authentic experience and a strong connection to the Cambodian culture. 

Rough History: Cambodia has had a rough past. Just read up a little bit on The Khmer Rouge and you’ll understand why. In addition, the U.S. dropped millions of land mines over Cambodia during the Vietnam War & the country still has hundreds of deaths each year from leftover unexploded ordnance. Cambodia is just barely ahead of Myanmar in terms of poverty, and currently has one of the worst rankings for government corruption.  It truly is amazing to see just how friendly and happy the people are here despite their circumstances. 

One thought on “Cambodia: Siem Reap

  1. One of the most conscious-raising, poignant movies I ever saw was THE KILLING FIELDS in the mid 1980s. I also read a book titled TO DESTROY YOU IS NO LOSS about an educated family separated and “rehabilitated” by the Khmer Rouge, part of whom ended up as refugees in CA. It is hard to fathom the evil men are capable of!

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