Ho Chi Minh City

IMG_2000SaigonIMG_2014Nap time.

IMG_2018Starting off our tour of the war remnants museum. 

IMG_2020The Fay Exhibit.

IMG_2021 IMG_2023Trying out a new form of transportation. 

IMG_2027The hotel owner gave Fay this new hat. 


A lovely propagandist film to start off the Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

IMG_2033Viet Cong traps used against the evil Americans.

IMG_2043Mandatory Cu Chi Tunnel Selfie.  (Sloane and Fay opted out)

Ho Chi Minh City: Saigon is one of the most vibrant cities we’ve ever been to. It’s a perfect blend of old & new, and it’s teeming with life. Crossing the streets of Hanoi was a good stepping stone to prepare us for Saigon traffic. Simply amazing to watch how the flow of traffic functions here. We ignorant Americans were honestly surprised at just how alive and progressive this city is.  Saigon is just a cool city to experience. 
The Vietnam War:  Or, to the vietnamese, ‘The American War’.  It was quite interesting to look at the Vietnam War through the communist Vietnamese lens. Visiting the war museum and cu chi tunnels  made the war very real to us. The museum is quite propagandist, but it was extremely eye-opening and informative at the same time. 
Misery: It is safe to say we are at a low, low point in our journey. Through a series of unknown and unfortunate events, Ty ended up with a mean-looking rash that made its way through his entire body. Sloane thought Ty was being his usual dramatic self as he wallowed in sorrow and laid in the hotel for 3 days straight. But finally, at about hour 72, she conceded to his pleas to go to a clinic. Ty now has some real meds that have helped to significantly contain the rash, though he still has a long road to recovery.  Meanwhile, Fay was just having a grand old time running around the lobby like a crazy woman:

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