Party in Ko Lanta

At long last, visitors! 

IMG_2065Party time with our cousins and siblings. 

IMG_2101Ladyboys singing Happy Birthday to Brienne. Easily the best birthday song of all time.


IMG_2116Fay & Ollie were best friends. 

IMG_2128These two loved playing on the dive boat. 

IMG_2135 These moms deserve an award. 
IMG_2137Brienne & Kelsey at the dive site. Beautiful people. 

IMG_2171Fay struts her stuff on our way to dinner.

IMG_2159Klong Dao: hard to beat the beaches on Ko Lanta.

IMG_2146A rare moment of tranquility.

IMG_2144Fay dead asleep in the middle of the ocean.

IMG_2080Happy babies= happy parents.

IMG_2067 IMG_2183IMG_2077IMG_2072

Visitors gone. They left us too soon! 

Visitors: The stars aligned and a few of our favorite people came to visit! We would like to publicly thank Brienne & Kelsey (Ty’s cousins) and Kara (Ty’s sister), Taylor, and Ollie for making this week an absolute blast. We can’t even begin to describe just how good it was to share this experience and spend time with family. We love you guys! We regret we didn’t take more pictures; too much fun talking and playing.  


1. Cramming all 8 of us into a truck and exploring the island.

2. Dinner at the beach every night. 

3.  All day dive trip to Ko Haa.

4. Relaxing at some of the best beaches in Thailand. 

5. Brienne’s birthday dinner. She will never receive a birthday song of this caliber again.

Fay & Ollie: Fay was quite excited to see her cousin Ollie after all this time apart. She treated him like gold, except she always tried to pull the long blonde locks out of his head. Must be Hair Envy. Ollie is just the happiest baby on the planet, so he loved playing with Fay and anyone else who wanted to say hello. We loved the fact that Ollie was a source of entertainment for Fay. We also LOVED Kara & Taylor’s Christmas present to us: A night of babysitting Fay. This allowed us to go out to eat by ourselves for the first time since September. Pure bliss. 

Ko Lanta: Ko Lanta is a refreshingly family-oriented island, and is home to some of the best beaches in all the land. We’ve never seen so much sand. Klong Dao was the perfect beach for Fay: huge and flat with a long, gentle slope into the ocean. She could run around in circles on this beach for hours. Ko Lanta is the best place we’ve stayed for complete relaxation. It became everyone’s vacation within a vacation, since we’ve all been on overdrive trying to see everything over the last few weeks. It felt great to just sit back and drink coconut shakes on the beach with our family. Life is good. 

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