Christmas in Singapore

Ty surprised Sloane by taking her to Singapore for Christmas. 

IMG_2213Orchard Road

IMG_2247Typical shopping mall. 

IMG_2222 Acting like a big girl
IMG_2227 Gardens by the Bay
IMG_2209 Chinatown
IMG_2219Christmas at the Hyatt

IMG_2260Writing our wishes for the New Year

Singapore: Wildly different from the rest of Southeast Asia. Singapore is the closest thing to Utopia we’ve seen. The city is literally sparkling clean. Every inch is manicured to perfection, both above and underground.  We proudly toted Sloane’s 12 year-old Jansport backpack around as we strolled past stores like Gucci, Coach, and Prada every 2 seconds. Ty thinks you can travel across the entire city without ever leaving a shopping mall. Though the sheer amount of consumerism can be a bit nauseating, Singapore is so classy we didn’t seem to mind. Best window shopping of all time (Ty explicitly forbid any real shopping). 

Christmas: Singapore was a very nice and comfortable place to be for Christmas in Southeast Asia. However, the magic and special spirit surrounding the holidays was quite noticeably absent. Nothing  compares to being surrounded by snow,family, and church Christmas activities. Obvious conclusion: home is always the best possible place for the holidays.

Tickets Home: From about December 21st- December 27th we were seriously considering coming home early. Ty decided to claim he had three diseases attacking him at once, causing a chemical imbalance of the brain and leaving him quite useless as a husband and father. Fay contracted Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease and was sleeping even worse than usual, and Sloane was extremely fatigued trying to deal with it all.  We were completely drained of all physical, intellectual, and emotional energy. Luckily we pushed through though, and the challenging times gave way to some of the best experiences of our trip.